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How Do We Stay Motivated To Continue Working Out? 5/5 (3)

How to stay motivated at gym

how do we stay motivated to continue working out?

Staying motivated can be the hardest thing to do on your fitness journey but it is one of the most important things to do. There will be days when you are too tired, too hungry, too bored, not feeling it etc. You will have so many excuses as to why you should skip the gym, but in reality if is important to you, you will put all of these thoughts to rest and get to the gym.

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Schedule a regular time for your work outs.  It is best to add an hour of active time to your schedule in advanced. This will make it feel like an important appointment you need to keep.
    Have fun at the gym. For us this is very important. Your fitness plan should vary daily and should not feel like a boring routine. It should feel fun and exciting. Switch it up and stick to things that you enjoy.Change your mindset. This is so important. You must now think differently. Think of a work-out as a blessing, instead of a punishment.

  • Change your belief’s, you are now an athlete, you need to be strong for your kids, you need to be active so that you may live longer, these are the thoughts you must now have. You are not lazy, you are not a couch potato, replace all of those old negative thoughts with new positive ones.

  • Find an accountability partner, for us is each other. If you are married, your spouse can be be that person. Your accountability partner should be someone that shares your passion, that has similar goals, and will help you stay on track. Share your intentions with them.

  • Set small weekly goals. Goals should be realistic and attainable or else you will be setting yourself up for failure. What it is? Define it, write it down, and visit it daily. Once you reach your goal, you may start working on another goal. This will help you stay motivated. We use the Yunmai smart scale which allows us to set our goals and keep track daily. The scale connects to your smart phone, it has 10 Precision Body Measurements: Body Fat, BMI, Muscle, Hydration, Bone mass and More. Very easy to set up and use. Using fitness data technology, lightning fast Bluetooth connectivity, and Body Index analysis capabilities, our body composition scales and mobile app offer actionable insight into your overall health by providing detailed measurements of 10 key body composition measurements.You can easily sync Yunmai with a variety of other wellness apps, tools, and technologies such as Apple Health, FitBit, Google Fit, etc. With more data seamlessly streamlined at your fingertips, you can get a better grip on your health.

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