Eat more Beans, Fart Less.

Every time I ask my husband to cook beans for me he makes sure our guest room is available for immediate occupancy. Beans and my gut aren’t a perfect match. From
gas to bloating and cramping, it just doesn’t agree with me.

Since beans are so beneficial and one of the cheapest form of proteins, I had to figure out a way of being able to eat them without dropping nuclear bombs. I sent Chef Geo into
his “lab” to experiment and of course he figured out a way of being able to solve this “gas”tronomic issue.


-Soak beans for several, changing the water twice daily.
-Adding cumin or fennel near the end of your cooking aids in preventing gas.
-Pour 1 TBS of apple cider vinegar during the last 10 minutes of cooking. This softens the   beans and breaks down protein chains and indigestible compounds.
-Season with sea salt near end of cooking. If you add it at the beginning of cooking the   beans will not cook completely. Salt acts as a digestive aid when added at the end.
-Chew beans thoroughly and remember that even small amounts have high nutritional   and healing properties.

Chef Geo does it again! I was able to finally enjoy black beans without fear of being evicted from the bedroom.

Black bean benefits

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Eat more Beans Fart Less.
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Eat more Beans Fart Less.
Beans causing you to bloat and fart. Try these few tips to help in digestion. Beans have many nutritional benefits and it is a very inexpensive protein.
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