“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. By planning and prepping you can prevent making unhealthy choices. Meal prep saves time, and money while helping you stick to your clean eating plan.  Meal prepping doesn’t  have to be a daylong nightmare, full of cooking and dishwashing. Want to meal prep like a Pro?  Use the below tips to make meal prep easier, quicker and even fun!


  • Have a plan

Meal prep grocery list


Make a list of your favorite healthy foods, remember keep it simple, choose recipes that are quick and can be made in bulk.



  • Keep snacks simple

Peanuts healthy snacks


Fresh Fruit, mixed nuts, Greek yogurt, or hard-boiled eggs are all great choices


  • Marinade your protein the day before




Preparing your protein the day before not allow only help in making it taste better, it will cut down on your meal prep day.

  • Cook Food All at Once



Grill all of your veggies, proteins and cook your carbs ahead of time.

  • Mix Things Up





Have different meal options, choose different protein for your salad each day, or incorporating different vegetables and carbs.  If you don’t mix it up, it can lead to boredom and cravings of other unhealthier choices.

  • Invest in Food Storage Containers


six pack fitness meal bag in pink


Investing in food containers will make a big difference. If you pre-pack your food, it is much easier to grab and go. If you are opting for the meal prep lifestyle you might want to get an insulated bag to carry your meals anywhere you go.

Have Fun


Use it time spent together, share the tasks with your significant other or even the family. This way it doesn’t become a task, but a fun activity and everyone will be looking forward to Meal Prep Sunday’

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Easy Meal Prep Tips
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Easy Meal Prep Tips
How to save time and money by meal prepping ahead of time.
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