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Sailing the mediterranean aboard rccl harmony of the seas

first class trip AA to Barcelon, Spain
Harmony of the Seas, Largest Cruise Ship in the Word!

We departed from MIA to Barcelona, Spain on American Airlines. We normally fly First Class if the flight is more than 2 hours. As you can see Master Giovanni was happy with this decision. The flight aboard American Airlines, I must admit was pretty amazing. We landed in Barcelona feeling well rested and ready to board, the largest cruise ship on earth, Harmony of the Seas.

harmony of the seas, rccl

We were in awe when our driver pulled up next to this mammoth ship. It was a world within itself. We were so excited to board this beautiful ship and were ready for our 15 day European vacation. It would consist of 7 days aboard Harmony of the Seas, 4 days in Roses, Spain and 4 days in Barcelona, Spain.

harmony of the seas cruiseship

Upon boarding Harmony of the Seas, I was more impressed! It was huge, yet never felt crowded. With almost 5500 passengers aboard, it is crazy how we never felt crowded, nor did we have to wait in line for meals or shows. As you can see from our picture, it felt as we had the ship to ourselves. Keep in mind we traveled during prime time, which was for July 4th holidays.

champagne lunch aboard harmony of the seas

Since it was our first day aboard the Harmony of the Seas, we decided to continue our healthy diet with salads and a wrap but decided to pop open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the beginning of our magical journey. C’est la vie!

We had so many amazing meals aboard Harmony of the Seas, in reality all of our meals were amazing. Of course the highlight of our cruise was our dinner at Wonderland.

All of the delicious meals aboard rccl harmony of the seas

Aboard harmony of the seas

We spent 7 days aboard this beauty. We did choice a busy itinerary, as we were out at sea 1 day out of 7. We felt we needed a week aboard the ship to be able to enjoy all of the amenities Harmony of the Seas has to offer. While the food was amazing, we were able to stay fit and active with all of the activities and amenities Harmony of the Seas has to offer. From Golf, gym, water slides, dancing and so much more.

Make sure to read Day 1 as we arrive at our first stop, Palma de Mallorca.

Harmony of the Seas parade

Until then, ciao, i like to move it, move it!

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Our 15 Day Amazing and Magical Mediterranean Vacation
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Our 15 Day Amazing and Magical Mediterranean Vacation
We spent 15 days in Europe. We boarded Harmony of the Seas and spend another week traveling through Europe.
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