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Zhou dim supplement

All my life I had suffered from PMDD. For those who do not know what PMDD is, it is Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The symptoms are similar to PMS but more severe. Think of it as PMS on steroids. The symptoms are so severe it could interfere with your daily functions, relationships and even quality of life.

What are the symptoms of PMDD?

-Mood Swings
-Marked Anger
-Sleep Problems
-Constipation and/or Diarreah

What causes PMDD?

It is not known. It is believed to be caused by hormonal changes related to menstrual cycle, low levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that helps transmit nerve signals.

When diagnosed several years ago, the doctors remedy was to place me on an antidepressant, Zoloft. I refused it and researched natural ways. I eliminated all soy from my diet and implemented a more natural diet. I also got more serious about my exercise regimen. This helped me until I turned 45 years old. I started getting heavier cramps, and noticed I was having horrible mood swings again. I started researching for natural remedies to help. That is when I met DIM.

What is DIM?

Dim is Diindolylmethane, a food compound found in cruciferous vegetables. Keep in mind it is not a vitamin nor a mineral, it is a compound.

What are the benefits of DIM?

-Can help with fat loss
-May have anti-cancer effect.
-Reduce the effects of xenoestrogens from the environment.
-Helps your liver process estrogen
-Contain potent antioxidants
-May help clear acne

I am currently on my third month of taking DIM, my headaches have subsided, my moods are balanced, I have not had any mid life weight gain or fat increase. If you are a woman suffering from PMS or PMDD, or are having issues with estrogen levels, entering menopause or already at menopause stage, this is for you. It is all natural but it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplement or vitamin.

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This is Why Women Should take All Natural Dim.
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This is Why Women Should take All Natural Dim.
Dim is an all natural food compound found in cruciferous vegetables. It helps balance hormones. All natural remedy for PMS and PMDD.
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