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On Saturday’s we normally have an intense work out, we combine leg day with glutes and cardio. In order to be able to complete our work out without fatigue we consume a higher carbohydrate meal. Today for our pre-work out we decided to combine our Best Aminos with our smoothie. Consuming a fruit smoothie pre-workout is a great pre-workout meal option that can provide you with a good source of fast-acting glucose and combing it with Best Aminos will help with energy, performance and endurance.

Bpi Best Aminos with Energy helps you train hard, train long and assist with recovery.

From the manufacturer: BEST AMINOS W/Energy is the latest in performance enhancing supplementation. This unique amino blend contains the powerful Oligopeptide-Enzymatic Technology from our popular Best BCAA formula and combines it with an all-new Liposomal Energy & Focus Matrix. BEST AMINOS w/ENERGY provides you with all the recovery effects of a quality BCAA product and a rapid boost of smooth, clean, long-lasting energy to get you through even the most grueling of workouts.*†




1 Scoop BPI Sports Best AMINOS with energy Red lemonade
1/2 cup Honeydew melons
1/2 cup strawberries
1 tbsp MCT OIL
8 Oz water
Fat free whipped cream


Blend first 5 ingredients , top it with whipped cream and the chopped strawberries. ENJOY!



*These statements have not been evaluated by the drug and food administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
†When combined with a proper exercise and nutrition regimen. Statements based on early-stage independent 3rd party in vivo/in vitro model scientific research data findings for individual ingredients.

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