Quality organic food is important to us, why?

Humane Treatment of Animals

Organic production practices require producers to raise and house animals in a way that “accommodates their health and natural behavior.” This includes making sure the animals not only have shelter, but also  free access to the outdoors, shade, space for exercise, fresh air, clean drinking water, direct sunlight, and clean dry bedding.

It preserves nature

Organic food production helps preserve local wildlife. By avoiding toxic chemicals, using of mixed planting as a natural pest control measure, and maintaining field margins and hedges, organic farming provides a retreat to local wildlife rather than taking it away of its natural habitat like conventional agriculture.

It improves overall well being
Organic Foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research. The reason: In the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds.

Shopping for Organic Products at our Local Farmers Market

How to shop for Organic Products at your Local Farmers Market.

Visiting your local farmers market can be a very rewarding experience. You are able to talk to the farmer and ask questions regarding the food you are purchasing that you will later place into your body. You can interact with other like minded healthy people and make new relationships. If you are starting a new diet or trying to change your eating habits, the farmers market is the best place to shop for groceries. You will not be persuaded by the media or fancy packaging and you can actually visit the Farmers Market if you are hungry, you will be able to grab a quick and healthy apple to satisfy your hunger while you shop.

Here are a few tips for shopping at the farmers market that will help you on your first visit:

  • Try finding an outdoor farmers market, as indoor farmers market are more like a grocery store and can contain imports. We want to try to find locally grown produce as this will likely be fresher and will not contain preservatives.
  • Buy seasonal, this will ensure you buying local and fresh, if in doubt ask the farmer. They are always more than happy to talk about their produce and practice.
  • Don't assume everything is healthy, you will find a few things that are not healthy such as imports, try to avoid these products.
  • Start off buying produce that are on the dirty dozen list, this will be an easier way to shop on your first visit.
  • Buy a produce that you are not familiar with, and try out a new recipe. This is a great way to get the family to experiment with new healthy foods.
  • Make if fun! Make it a family day. Meeting your local community is an excellent way to feel connected to the world around you, increasing health for body, mind and spirit.
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Why is quality organic so important to us?
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Why is quality organic so important to us?
Buying organic is very important to living a healthy balanced lifestyle. It improves overall well being, it provides humane treatment of animals, and supports the local farmers. Visit your local farmers market and buy organic.
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