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Why is sleep absolutely important for weight loss?


When most people begin a wellness program, they only think of nutrition and fitness as part of the their new program, they fail to include sleep and rest as well. Leaving out rest and recovery will actually hinder their progress. Not getting enough rest can have a negative effect on your body and can cause weight gain.

Sleep deprivation causes a spike in glucose and insulin levels. When your insulin levels are high growth hormone levels are inhibited. Growth hormone is very important when it comes to weight loss. Sleep deprivation also causes increased appetite, it is associated with low levels of leptin. Low levels of leptin signals your body to eat more food. When you are sleep deprived there is a decrease in physical activity. You will feel tired and lazy the next day, which will reduce your energy expenditure.

Do we really lose weight while we sleep?  Growth hormone secretion occur while we sleep. It is when we build muscle, and promote fat loss. If you are eating right and not having heavy meals before bedtime, insulin levels will also drop while you sleep.

What are things we can do get better quality sleep?

  1. Turn off all electronics and other blue-light sources an hour before you go to bed. Cover any displays you can’t shut off.
  2. Working out, regular exercise is proven to help sleep better at night. Try working out at least 4 hours before bed as working out normally gives you energy. 
  3. Eat right at dinner time. Do not have heavy meals and eat at least one hour before bedtime. 
  4. Skip the alcohol. Makes you sleepy but will make you wake up often during the night. 
  5. The sleep foundation recommends that you have a conformable mattress and pillow. 
  6. Using proper bedding helps with sleep,such as Ghostbed Luxury Sheets, They are made with a revolutionary combination of materials, featuring the extreme resilience of Supima cotton and the luxurious comfort of TENCEL® fibers. This keeps the bed cool through the night and allows for a better nights sleep.


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Why is sleep absolutely important for weight loss?
Sleep is essential for weight loss. Not getting enough sleep can have a negative effect on your body.
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