What are Healthier Snack Options?


Our Favorite Healthy Snacks:

Since most of us do not have them time to stress over what is healthy when hunger strikes, it is best to have healthy snacks available. Keep in mind the best snacks are the one’s that are easy to make, taste great and won’t weigh you down. Make sure to always carry a snack, or have them available and ready to eat at home.


Mixed Nuts or Trail Mix


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Best Option: Almonds and Pistachio, they are higher in protein.




healthy snack options


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Greek Yogurt, has high protein, calcium and good level of probiotics.



Protein healthy snack

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Protein Bites: This is our favorite, great for a sweet tooth craving, and loaded with protein, Chef Geo gave us his secret recipe!




Healthy Snack Options

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Hard Boiled Eggs, high protein, low calorie option. Tip: boil a bunch on meal prep day, when hunger strikes, just peel and eat.




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Biena ChickPea Snacks is one of all time favorites, they are convenient for on the go, they are loaded with protein and fiber, and absolutely delicious!

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