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Every year our family visits a new city for the Christmas holidays, we started this tradition 7 years ago, and it has been the most amazing family tradition we have ever created. As this allows us to visit new places, create new memories and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas without the commercialized idea of gifts and decorations. This year we choose Switzerland as our Christmas holiday destination. After a few weeks of researching and discussing with the family, we all agreed that Grindelwald was the destination we would visit.

Grindelwald is a small village in the Jungfrau Region. It is a picture perfect, little town and for the Christmas holidays it was a Winter White beautiful town. We started our vacation with 2 days in Zurich, Switzerland, which was great since our flight stopped there anyway and this allowed us time to rest as well.

We departed from Miami International Airport for Zurich, where we would spend two nights.

We chose AA and opted for first class since it would be an overnight long haul.

Master Giovanni seems happy with our choice!

first class trip AA to Barcelon, Spain
marriott zurich

Our first stop Zurich, we checked in to the Marriott Zurich, I must say it was great. It was located near the main train station and of course had the obligatory gym!

The Zurich Christkindlimarkt, which was located near the hotel was amazing! It is set up in a train station and  you can feel and smell Christmas in the air. The have the largest Christmas

You must and I repeat MUST have a Swiss cheese pretzel while visiting,

zurich swiss pretzel, christmas market

The last day we had our routine morning coffee and our son caught up on  his reading while enjoying the views.

Marriott Zurich hotel, switzerland travel ideas

We now boarded the train for a 3 hour ride to our next stop, Grindelwald.

We fell in love with Grindelwald as soon as we arrived, the train stops right in the middle of town and you are surrounded by beautiful mountains covered in snow.

The hotel sent a driver to pick us up at the train station, even though the hotel was actually just a few steps away.

hotel beveldere switzerland, swiss alps vacation

 Hotel Beveldere in Grindelwald also has an amazing spa.

While staying in Beveldere, we also visited all of the near by towns, in Interlaken we attended a Chocolate Cooking Class at the Funky Chocolate Club. My boys love
chocolate so they were in chocolate heaven!

On one of the days we went, I must admit, I was clueless. We thought it was a little bunny hill we were going to slide down from. Little did we know it was an enormousmountain and not for the faint of heart.

We visited Murren, a little carless postcard perfect village.

Lets not forget all of the cocktails and we all know what high altitude and alcohol can do, we did make sure to hydrate accordingly.

The Views!

Let’s not forget the Fondue!

The Suspension Bridge Walk in Grindelwald is a great way to spend the day,

On one of the nights we went for a horse carriage ride while it was snowing, that was magical!

horse carriage grindelwald, switzerland

We had an amazing 10 days in Switzerland and can’t wait to return soon!

jungfrau switzerland, the swiss alps

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Our Christmas holiday vacation at Grindelwald, Switzerland
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Our Christmas holiday vacation at Grindelwald, Switzerland
Our yearly winter vacation to Grindelwald, Switerland. We visited all the small village around Jungrau for the holidays. we highly recommend sledging, staying at Hotel Beveldere, suspension bridge and enjoying all of the wonderful cuisine.
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