12 Week, Get Fit and Healthy Program

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12 Week Get Fit and Healthy Program

Education. Action plan. Accountability. Support. Camaraderie. Fun.

Teaching you how to be healthy for a life time.

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12-week Nutrition Program Content Outline

Education. Action plan. Accountability. Support. Camaraderie. Fun.

Teaching you how to be healthy for a long time.


Week 1: Goals

  • Preview/Description: “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra
  • Knowledge: Your Why, Set Better Goals, Behavior Goals
  • Activity: Goal Worksheets
  • Action item: Establish behavior goals

Week 2: Healthy Upgrades/Nutrition Transformation

  • Preview/Description: Nutrition Transformation is NOT about perfection! It is about doing things just a little bit better.
  • Knowledge: Healthy Upgrades, Meal Transformation, Whole Foods, Macro Overview, Food Journaling
  • Activity: Healthy Upgrade Worksheets
  • Action item: Choose two to focus on: Sub 2 whole food options for processed food, eat 1-2 palms of lean protein at each meal, add 2 servings of fruits and veggies a day, Workout 3x a week, make one meal at a time better

Week 3: Healthy Food Preparation Skills + Kitchen Clean Up

  • Preview/Description: It is hard to eat healthy foods when there are not healthy foods around.
  • Knowledge: Kitchen Clean Up, Being Prepared
  • Activity: ABC Worksheet, Donate food you won’t eat
  • Action items: Make a grocery list, Learn to cook and practice 2 healthy go-to meals, Kitchen cleanout

Week 4: Menu Planning + Meal Prep

  • Preview/Description: Many times our diets suffer because we are unprepared when hunger strikes!
  • Knowledge: How to stock your pantry for success, Meal prep tips, Planning ahead
  • Activity: Weekly Menu Planner Worksheet, Prep for the week (pre wash + cut veggies, boil eggs, slow cooker), Stock up on convenient healthy options,
  • Action items: Pick a meal prep day + Choose at least three days this week you will pre-plan a nutritious meal.

Week 5: Mindfulness, Moderation, and Portion Sizes

  • Preview/Description: 3 steps to navigating moderation, mindfulness, and body awareness: Find the middle ground, Track how you feel, Change what isn’t working
  • Knowledge: Hand Portion Size Guide + PN Plate, Moderation
  • Activity: Hunger Fullness Journal, Create Your Own Meal Plan Worksheet
  • Action items: Set fork down and sip water after each bite, Distraction free meals

Week 6: Check-in + Review

  • Preview/Description: Use this week to catch up on the lessons and guides, really plan your grocery list and meal prep, ask questions, share where you are stuck, etc.!
  • Bonus readings: Diet and Meal Plans Suck
  • Reward consistent execution.
  • Goal check in – how are you doing? Struggle? Schedule a meeting/call?

Week 7: Calories, Macros, + Eat for Body Type

  • Preview/Description: Diving into eating for your body type.
  • Knowledge: Calorie Education + Chart, Macro Breakdown for Body Type
  • Activity: Body Type Quiz
  • Action item: Add more healthy upgrades/behaviors if possible (1-2 thumbs of healthy fat, high fiber carbs, fruit and veggies a day, water)

Week 8: Metabolism, Exercise, + Energy Balance

  • Preview/Description: Adding exercise to the equation.
  • Knowledge: Metabolism Education, Energy Balance, HIIT + Strength Training
  • Activity: Cardio Plan, Energy Balance List
  • Action item: Choose 1-2 things from the positive/negative energy balance list, depending of your goal.

Week 9: Healthy Mindset

  • Preview/Description: How your emotions drive your thoughts and behaviors.
  • Knowledge: Emotional Wellness
  • Activity: Video Training
  • Action item: Create a Positive Emotion Today + Healthy Upgrade check-in

Week 10: Sleep, Stress, + Self-Care

  • Preview/Description: The difference between self-care and self-comfort, the impact stress has on your body (and goals), and creating a sleep ritual.
  • Knowledge: Good + Bad Stress, Self-Care, Sleep, Recovery, Wellness Pyramid
  • Activity: Self-care and relaxation practices
  • Action item: Create a sleep ritual and get 7 hours of sleep/night.

Week 11: Detoxes, Intermittent Fasting and Finding what might be right for you

  • Preview/Description: Diving into detoxes, gut health, and intermittent fasting…
  • Knowledge: Detoxes, Gut Health, IF
  • Activity: Evaluate goals and how you are feeling
  • Action items: Continue to drink plenty of water and eat whole, natural foods (less processed foods), Eat foods that support the gut, Try IF if it makes sense for you

Week 12: Movement

  • Preview/Description: While strength and cardio work is useful, neither of these things alone will offer the optimal results you will get from making your entire life one that has movement and healthy eating as the centerpiece.
  • Knowledge: NEAT Movement, Movement vs. Exercise
  • Activity: Move more!
  • Action item: Answer questions regarding the program, Testimonial, What’s next?


*Dietary/Nutritional plan for 12 weeks
*4 Coaching Sessions
*Access to our award winning mobile app.
*Access to our recipe library
*Free Cardio guide



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