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Happy National Pack your Lunch Day!

Happy National Pack your Lunch Day!

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Happy National Pack your Lunch Day!




Did you know that March 10th is National Pack your Lunch Day? On this day we are actually cultivating healthy habits, by encouraging everyone to make their own lunch. Prepping your lunch, not only saves you money, it is a healthier option. You can control what goes into your lunch, use fresh and organic ingredients and use portion control. Preparing your lunch does not have to take hours to prepare and it does not have to be difficult.

National Pack your Lunch Day is also celebrated by kids. For kids it is important that we pack nutrient dense foods and skip sugary treats. As we do not want them to be sluggish after lunch. With this recipe you cook once and can eat three times, and it can be used for both adults and kids lunch and/or dinner.

Here is an easy recipe that can be used for both kids and adults.

National Take Pack Your Lunch Day Recipe Idea for Adult:

Shredded Chicken
Brown Rice
Black Beans
Citrus Salad

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