Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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What is Bullet Proof Coffee?


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 Bullet Proof Coffee is a high performance drink consisting of MCT oil, Ghee butter or Coconut oil and coffee. In my opinion the best version of Bullet Proof Coffee is MCT Oil, 2 shots of espresso and a scoop of Protein!


The most delicious and healthiest cup of coffee that you will ever have. Tired of paying $7 for cup of sugar at Starbucks? Then why not make it yourself for a fraction of the cost and four times the nutritional content without guilt. So here are the ingredients of my morning ritual, BPI Sports, whey proteins : adding this to your cup of joe every morning will help kick-start your muscle building body and prevent muscle atrophy. Not to mention giving it a rich chocolate , vanilla or caramel taste.

  • MCT OIL: As Dr. Atkins states, it takes fat to burn fat. So adding a tablespoon of medium chain triglycerides derived from coconut oil will help kick-start your fat burning metabolism.
  • Stevia: replacing your sugar and your “one molecule away from rat poison” Stevia will prevent that Sugar crash after you have consumed the entire cup not to mention keep your glucose levels to a minimum.
  • Walden Farms: adding this super delicious zero calorie chocolate or caramel syrup to your coffee is a great way to reduce a significant amount of calories
  • Nut Milk: is a better alternative than consuming dairy products which are loaded with high amounts of sugar and contaminants especially the low fat milk. Only 30 calories per serving vs 112 calories from milk.
    Lavazza coffee: I prefer to use this blend of grounded espresso coffee giving it a rich Italian taste
  • Psyllium Husk: this powdered form can be used as an optional way to kick-start your digestive tract into overdrive. It also makes your coffee a bit thicker and richer

Now that you have reduce your calories by 80% and sugar by 70% you can actually add some fat-free whipped cream and feel guilt-free now have fun and make something healthy and delicious and I promise, you will never go get coffee somewhere else put in your house again.

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  • AC

    Posted 2018-04-26 10:30 am

    I have heard amazing things about this, and have even tried it with coconut oil! Delicious and satisfying😋! Great post- I’m sharing this on my AC Art Of Food FB page!!


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