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Skinny fat girl, fitnessOur Story :

I was always the “Skinny Fat” type. I ate everything and anything including a lot of processed foods. In 2009 I started having digestive problems, which caused me to turn to traditional medication such as antacids. After a few weeks the medication of course stopped alleviating the pain because I continued to eat all the wrong foods. I then started developing migraines, again I turned to medication to ease the pain. That was a temporary fix. Finally, my sciatic nerve started acting up, again I turned to traditional doctors and medication. This went on for most of 2009, even ended up in the hospital due to severe migraines and panic attacks.

After being released from the hospital, I visited my primary doctor for test results, he delivers the matter of fact news, I have gall bladder stones and will need to schedule surgery ASAP. He goes on to provide me with prescriptions and sends me home. That was an eye opener for me and a huge turning point in my life. fitness; abs, girl

I did not schedule the surgery, nor did I fill my prescription instead I decided to take a more holistic approach and visited an acupuncture clinic instead. I received treatment for all my conditions and continued to visit them weekly. While I was feeling a bit better, something still wasn’t right. My stomach felt like it was on fire, I couldn’t sleep at night, I felt bile built up in the mornings. I wasn’t productive at all. It became a vicious cycle, where I had to eat every 30 minutes so stop the bile built-up, but I wasn’t eating the correct foods. One day I woke up tired of being constipated and decided to eat more fiber instead of a laxative, by this time my stomach was over bloated, due to gastrointestinal issues and the constipation. For the first time in years I started to feel stomach relief.fatto fit transformation picture I continued to eat fresh fruit and high fiber foods. I also said good bye to the Flaming Hot Cheetos and the rest of the processed foods that were taking a toll on my mind and body. Little by little my stomach reverted to normal. Now that my stomach was feeling great it was time to be a little more active and take care of the sciatic nerve and lower back weakness. I went to the gym and became a member. Started off with Cardio a few days a week, until I became a big girl and started weight lifting, that was “love at first sight”.

 Fast forward to today, 2018, I feel AMAZE-BALLS! There is no better feeling than the feeling of being strong and healthy, no matter what your current goal is we all have common goals: to be stronger, healthier and live longer!

My turn! Hello World, my name is Geo, world known as #ChefGeo, contrary to what the wife just said, I was “Fat Fat”, there was nothing ‘skinny’ in my DNA. weightlifting coupleMy turning point was also health related. During our pregnancy, I gained over 100 lbs. While it was easy for her to lose the weight, I only continued to gain it, post-partum.  During one of my late night eating binges, I developed an intense stomach and back pain, had to be driven to the emergency room. There they discovered I too had gall bladder stones that required surgery. If you are Hispanic, you are more than likely to have these or develop them. We are a “food” culture. Celebrations and food are synonyms. We always find a reason to eat or should I say celebrate. Tell me who doesn’t love bistec empanizado y con gris ( breaded fried steak with black beans and white rice cooked together and smothered in bacon fat)! Oh yeah back to my story, I wasn’t as brave as the wife, I wanted to end the pain ASAP so I went ahead with the surgery, removed the gall bladder but not the “FAT BOY” mentality so I continued to eat all the wrong foods.

This all changed when I saw the determination in my wife. She motivated me to take a look at my extra pounds. I started going to the gym with her and skipping on the extra cookie, boy that sucked! I hated the gym and loved the cookies. What torture! Every time I stuck my hand in the traveling_couplescookie jar, my coach “the wife” would remind me of how hot she was because she didn’t cookies so put the cookie down, I did! Unlike her, whom can take the world by the horns and not have a single complaint, I was not a happy camper. I missed my sweets, and the dieting wasn’t my thing! I started playing in the kitchen, I made the kitchen my lab. I started substituting unhealthy foods for healthier options, I started eating more but making better choices, but my HA moment was with the creation of ProTreats, it was during my miserable, sweet induced cravings that I decided to marry protein with desserts. I started creating healthy recipes and baking away. I shortly realized it wasn’t about dieting and being miserable. It was all about making healthier choices, about enjoying the gym or whatever form of exercise I felt like doing that day. Life is now in harmony. Yes, I struggle, and I always will, I am a “fat boy” who still prefers ice cream over food, but I have learned how to kill that beast, I have learned how to life a healthy and balanced life.HealthyFitCouple is the best of both of us, my passion for fitness, and my husband’s creativity in the kitchen and photography. We want to share our story, our passion, our motivation with the world. We want to share the raw truth. Our daily struggles, our awesome recipes, gym tips, and our funny blog. We have a unique story and we want you to be part of it. Follow us, let us motivate you to be better and stronger! Together we can change the nation one bite at a time!

  • Victoria
    Posted 2018-04-07 7:07 pm 0Likes

    This is such an inspiration. You both look great. I am hoping that my fiance’ and I can get on track and change our lifestyle in preparation for our wedding!

  • The Young Black Boss
    Posted 2018-04-11 9:29 pm 0Likes

    I really appreciate this post with all of your transparency! This is truly inspirational and I am one of those people who needs to say ‘no’ to the sweets and pick up healthier eating habits. Thanks for this so mucn!

  • Say Yes To Madeira - Ślub i wakacje na Maderze
    Posted 2018-06-30 4:21 pm 0Likes

    Nice page, I love the recipes. Looking forward to see more of your posts.

  • Gursimrat
    Posted 2018-06-30 8:08 pm 0Likes

    I found your blog through bloggers traffic community. You both look great. I need to work on me as I can relate to the term ‘skinny fat’. And I will really get inspiration from you. You have done incredible job of transforming your health and your body. Great work.

  • Aditi
    Posted 2018-07-07 2:22 am 0Likes

    Thats such a lovely and inspirational read, even I had gall stones so I can imagine your plight, but I opted for a surgery. Its encouraging to see your journey towards fitness..and yes one step at a time..and it happens