Why I became a Health Coach/My Health Coach Story

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Why I became a Health Coach?

I am getting a lot of questions regarding my chosen career path and why I chose IIN, so I figured I’d give some insights on my past, and present.

The Past

Before I joined the healthy tribe, I was very ignorant to nutrition. My breakfast consisted of a cup a coffee, my lunch was a Lean Cuisine frozen meal, snack a bag of flaming hot Cheetos and by the time dinner came around I was so hungry I would over eat, and all the wrong foods. I was not over weight, on the contrary I was underweight but had no muscle tone and had a high percentage of fat. I was very weak, could barely carry my handbag.

In 2008 I started having gastrointestinal problems, headaches and back issues. I ended up in the emergency room from severe migraines and later back again for stomach pains. My primary doctor referred me to a Gastroenterologist, whom recommended I have my gall bladder removed. Never did my primary doctor nor the specialist suggest I change my diet, drink water, join a gym, or limit my stress.

Here is more information on our amazing journey!

I started to educate myself, first step was to implement a higher fiber diet. I then, started making other small changes every week regarding my nutrition, and implemented a fitness plan. I started to feel better and after a few months my stomach pains were gone! My husband then joined me in my journey and lost over 100 lbs. It’s now been almost 10 years and it has been the best decision we ever made.


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The Present

For the past 4 years we have been helping others achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. We have educated, motivated and supported hundreds of individuals. By teaching them what we learned on our own journey, we have been able to help them reach their own goals. While working in the sports nutrition industry, I realized how misinformed others are regarding nutrition, and I wanted to further help others by getting more education myself. I started my research regarding which institution would be the best fit and which courses would further enhance my background.

While completing my research I found the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, they offer a list of approved transition programs, for those who are wishing to get board certified. International Institute of Nutrition was a perfect match. IIN offers more of a holistic approach. Their core concepts are:

  • Primary Food

  • Crowing Out
  • Fitting Out
  • 90/10
  • Eat Real Food
  • Bio-Individuality
  • Over 100 Dietary Theories
  • Inflammation
  • Digestion
  • Toxins

Besides all of the above, they offer business and marketing so that you may share you knowledge with others and grow your business!

As an IIN Graduate and Ambassador I can offer you special discount and I can also provide mentorship.


Watch the below video for an overview on what Integrative Institute of Nutrition offers!



Feel free to reach out to me anytime. As a graduate and IIN Ambassador, I’m here to answer any questions that you might have about the program and my experience as a Certified Health Coach.


Take the first step to become a Certified Health Coach, and start helping others become Healthy Happy!



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Why I became a Health Coach/My Health Coach Story
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Why I became a Health Coach/My Health Coach Story
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  • beblessed23

    Posted 2018-07-17 6:59 am

    Wow! I think also need to start small changes every week regarding my nutrition. Eat high-fibre and real food. Thanks for sharing your story. Such an inspiration

    • Evelyn Hernandez

      Posted 2018-07-17 11:13 am

      Small changes are a great way to start! Glad I inspired you to start living a healthy happy life!

  • delusionsofparenthood

    Posted 2018-07-17 8:03 am

    Wow! You really turned your life around. Nutrition is so important for your well being. You are beautiful as well!

    • Evelyn Hernandez

      Posted 2018-07-17 11:13 am

      Thank you so much, nutrition plays a very important role in our well being.

  • KaijuMaddy

    Posted 2018-07-30 8:07 pm

    It feels so amazing to take control of your life to feel better, mentally and physically! Being a health coach must be so fulfilling!

  • Scott Gombar

    Posted 2018-10-11 8:23 pm

    If you’re good at something and can teach others there’s nothing wrong with that! Find something you love doing and you will never work a day in your life.

  • Tasha at Lady Boss Studio

    Posted 2018-10-11 10:50 pm

    I love reading about people’s career path journeys. It’s so great that you went from struggling with food yourself to changing your lifestyle and then helping so many people! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ashley

    Posted 2018-10-12 12:50 pm

    Comment: It is so true that taking care of yourself, eating right, and exercising can drastically improve health and reverse bad health. I am guilty of only having a cup of coffee in the mornings, but I do try to have plenty of veggies with lunch and a healthy dinner. There is definitely room for improvement though.

  • Lyosha Varezhkina (@lyoshathegirl)

    Posted 2018-10-12 2:48 pm

    Your story itself if inspiring. I do love your writing so I think your work of persona coach is great. People are lucky to have you girl!

  • Megan

    Posted 2018-10-12 5:38 pm

    This is great, thank you for sharing your story! So motivational and inspirational.

  • Preet

    Posted 2018-10-13 6:21 am

    I never really thought about of having a health coach, it looks ineteresting though. May need to try this.

  • Melissa Sanchez

    Posted 2018-10-15 11:58 am

    it so amazing to be able to help others become a better part of themselves. i think what you are doing is so cool and I really see it as vital in people’s lives.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Posted 2018-11-01 4:56 pm

    It sounds like you have found something that is such a great fit for you. Good luck with your continued journey through health coaching.

  • TheSuperMomLife

    Posted 2018-11-01 8:40 pm

    I’m glad that you found something that you love doing. There is nothing better than finding something you love and being able to make a living from it.

  • Sarah Meh

    Posted 2018-11-02 7:16 am

    It’s a best thing to do that you really like and I think you’re doing a great job in keeping others healthy.

  • Keerthana – Active Life Living

    Posted 2018-11-02 11:15 am

    Sharing what you learned definitely helps everyone!! Your journey is so inspiring and I hope I can follow your suggestions to reach my health goals!!

  • Cristina Pop

    Posted 2018-11-02 12:21 pm

    I love your story. Motivation is absolutely necessary! Good luck, and keep up the great work!

  • Jona Shares

    Posted 2018-11-02 10:26 pm

    Cheers to your journey. Passion and love on what you are doing is definitely a key and of course positive mindset.

  • tfrett6

    Posted 2018-11-02 10:32 pm

    A great field it get into! I can tell you are so passionate about it – you look great!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Kiwi

    Posted 2018-11-05 12:13 am

    Great inspirational journey on how you started as a health coach. I actually want to be a holistic health coach so this is an arena I want to tap into soon.

  • Kitty

    Posted 2018-11-23 11:30 am

    Wow that’s a motivational story… I really wanted to be a health coach before but it didn’t work out for me… all the best for your future ???


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